Monday, January 31, 2005

Killings in Darfur "not genocide" according to UN

You know. What good really is the UN? I guess they feel guilty about doing essentially nothing to stop the mass-murder in Sudan and so they just refuse to use the word genocide. Because if they did, they'd be guilty of doing nothing to stop genocide. Or maybe they feel guilty about UN peacekeepers and workers raping African girls. Who knows? Now, let's be clear -the report found widespread, systematic killings aimed specifically at civilian populations, but hey, according to the UN at least it is not "genocide". Oh no. According to the UN these are only "crimes against humanity". The UN did get a little tough and made sure to say that these crimes should "still be prosecuted". Hey, maybe the prosecutors could also use a little harsh language on these guys. That'll show 'em. The UN vultures are worthless, just worthless. Why is the US paying dues to these thugs?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Voting in Iraq

Folks, if the news about the tremendous turnout for the vote in Iraq today doesn't inspire you, you're either near-dead or a left-wing jerk. Go to Iraq the Model or some other sites and listen as the people describe in their own words the jubilant mood on the streets as the Iraqis bravely go with pride to the voting booths in droves. I have to admit even the Big Dog got a little choked up and teary-eyed looking at pictures of peoples' fingers dyed with ink (they dip their fingers in ink to prevent double voting). Since this ink is proof they voted, Iraqis are proudly posting these pictures of their fingers as the "mark of freedom". With their bravery they are telling the terrorists, who have killed at least 25 and wounded at least 70 today, to take a hike! People, sometimes we think we have it rough in the USA, but we don't. Think about what these people go through just to vote and you won't ever throw a pity party again. Go Iraq Go!

Deceptive Anti-Piracy Sofware Aimed at Parents

Wow! I'm all against media piracy but the Movie and Music industries are getting a little out of hand with their tactics. Not to mention that they don't care one whit about the artists like they claim. Now comes a story that anti-piracy software sponsored by the MPAA and aimed at parents does NOT separate out pirated movies and songs from legally obtained ones. So basically, a concerned parent worried their child might be pirating media uses this software on their computer and LO AND BEHOLD it finds all kinds of stuff! It asks to delete the stuff and the worried parent says yes. Now, all of this poor kids media is gone even if it was legal! This is just underhanded. Link is here.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Michael Rubin has a thought-provoking article on National Review Online suggesting better ways for Americans in Iraq to deal with the Iraqi people. At first I had a kneejerk reaction against this article because so much criticism has come from the Loony Left and been well...loony. Getting over this reaction showed there is much to consider from this article. There really is such a thing as constructive criticism; thanks Michael.

Bubble People

Eric Metaxas has a wonderful article on Human Events Online discussing the insular world our celebrities inhabit. I have the Hydrant AwardTM for the big-time losers out there, now I think I'll have to come up with an award for excellence - he deserves one. Any suggestions are appreciated; just post them in "comments".


This story on Human Events online, Billboard Blitz to Blast Hollywood, has inspired me. Barks on:

Dan, Dan, who's the man?
"reports" forgeries quick as he can!
Barbara, Alec, Sean & Whoopie,
prove Hollywood is going loopy.
Ms. Maureen Dowd, how pretty but glum.
Aw, who cares? I suspect she's got a nice bum.

Okay, it's not Shakespeare, but then - I am a dog. Barks off.

Liberals Know Fashion!

The Washington Post is all atwitter about Cheney's appearance at the recent Holocaust Memorial service. You see, he wore a really warm, military parka (oh no, not a parka) instead of freezing his buns off in an overcoat and risking his health. You DO know he has heart trouble, don't you? I mean, don't you remember all those MSM stories about him not being healthy enough to be Vice-President? Well, if you can stand it, the story is here. This was one of their top stories on their website homepage, by the way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hypocrisy on Race among the LeftWing

Let's review. Barks on:

  1. Clarence Thomas is savaged by the Democrats during hearings on his Supreme Court appointment.
  2. Miguel Estrada's judicial appointment filibustered to death.
  3. Condoleeza Rice is lectured by former KKKer Robert Byrd before being confirmed to Secretary of State.
  4. Colin Powell is derided as an "Uncle Tom" for becoming Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.
  5. Linda Chavez was submarined by the LeftWing.
  6. Alberto Gonzales is already coming under fire by the LeftWing.
  7. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (is that a cool name or what) was called a "race traitor" when he switched to the Republican party.
  8. Former Education Secretary Rod Paige was called various names by the LeftWing and constantly assailed.
  9. Linda Chao was reported to "not be an authentic Asian-American" when she became Secretary of Labor.
  10. I could go on but it is depressing, so please add your own under "comments". Thanks.

Barks off.

Explanation of the Hydrant AwardTM Picture

Please note that the dog in question in the Hydrant AwardTM picture is NOT yours truly, Big Dog (Caninus Maximus). This is Little Dog. Quite frankly, I don't even want to waste the time and energy it takes to piss on these people. Plus, Little Dog is getting potty-trained, if you will. So, the whole situation works out quite nicely. Thank you for asking.

Armed Self-Defense Works (Duh)

Link: Storeowner couple in Georgia shoot and kill armed robbers.

Link: RV park employee shoots armed robber who is also suspect in an abduction/murder.

This kind of news just warms the Big Dog's heart. However, one small piece of constructive criticism. If the RV park employee had used the "double-tap" firing method instead of firing just one shot, we might have one less piece of human debris to feed and clothe in prison. But that's nitpicking. Good work everybody!

Where's the Democrat outrage?

In East St. Louis there appears to be widespread voter fraud benefiting...tadum! the Demcrats. The Democrats are predictably playing the race card. Charlie Powell, East St. Louis Democratic Committee chairman and 9th precinct committeeman said "The Republicans are raising all this fuss to stymie the black voter in the black communities." Really, is that why 17 different voters are registered from Mr. Powell's address, fourteen of whom voted? Read more about these losers here (courtesy of Gateway Pundit).

Update: This East St. Louis stuff is crazy-bad. Read more here. Stay on Gateway Pundit's site and read it all. Amazing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hydrant AwardTM

Senator Robert Byrd, a former biggie in the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), is delaying Condaleeza Rice's appointment hearings. Mr. Byrd also spoke 14 hours straight against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and tried to keep our armed forces segregated. Additionally, he tried to derail Thurgood Marshall's appointment to the Supreme Court, as well as Clarence Thomas' appointment. As recently as 2001 or so he was using the word "white nig***". But he's a Democrat so I guess the usual suspects aren't worried. For his racist behavior, bitter partisanship, and for just being a real jerk, Senator Byrd is our second winner of the Hydrant AwardTM. Congratulations Senator Byrd!Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

Idiot inauguration protester compares Bush to Hitler (how original)

My take: Where's a good billy club when you need one? Another excellent candidate for the Hydrant AwardTM.Posted by Hello

Inauguration Protest

I read some stories about those Left-wing protesters at the Inauguration. Man, they should have just let the Big Dog roam! Those weenies would have cleared out and scurried back under the porch where they belong.

Dems finally charged with election sabotage

Five Democrat operatives, including children of prominent state Democrat politicians, have been charged with slashing the tires on 25 vehicles rented by the Wisconsin Republican party for get out the vote efforts. Read all about these losers here.

Update: Wasn't Milwaukee, Wisconsin where that Democrat operative paid homeless people in cigarettes and liquor to vote for Al Gore in 2000? Comments?

Is Mexico Really An Ally?

No. Barks on.
  1. We've fought a war with them.
  2. Pancho Villa
  3. They planned to invade the southwest US during both the Civil War and WWI.
  4. Current invasion of "undocumented workers"
  5. Drug violence on the border.
  6. Then there's the contaminated water that gives American tourists the "runs". Even Little Dog knows better than to lap up that water.
Barks off.

Does the UN suck?

Yes, it does. Let me count the ways. Barks on.

  1. The UN created and presided over quite possibly the world's largest criminal conspiracy, called Oil-for-Food.
  2. The UN apparently has no contingency plans for large natural disasters like the recent tsunnami, except to snipe at those really doing work.
  3. The UN drags out and prolongs armed conflicts, except where it stands aside to allow genocide. They didn't go into Barundi, but they're STILL in Kosovo.
  4. UN peacekeepers apparently make better rapists than actual soldiers (see Congo, etc.)
  5. Kofi Annan leads the UN and he's a bozo.
  6. The UN is the number one criticizer and constraint on the US but is at the same time totally dependent on the US - kind of like an ungrateful teenager with his parents.
  7. The UN has been the enabler for the Palestinian people's misery.
  8. The UN has done nothing to combat Islamic terrorism, or any terrorism for that matter.
  9. The UN counts dictators and mass-murderers as legitimate heads of state.

If the UN was a pantsleg, I'd have my teeth into it and be shreddin' that sucker. Barks off.

Hydrant AwardTM

The First Ever Hydrant AwardTM goes to all those Democrats who "care" so much about our voting process that they protested the Ohio vote for Bush. They somehow neglected the Washington governor's vote in which the Democrat finally got the most votes on the third recount. Barbara Boxer and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, this awards for you! Posted by Hello