Monday, January 24, 2005

Does the UN suck?

Yes, it does. Let me count the ways. Barks on.

  1. The UN created and presided over quite possibly the world's largest criminal conspiracy, called Oil-for-Food.
  2. The UN apparently has no contingency plans for large natural disasters like the recent tsunnami, except to snipe at those really doing work.
  3. The UN drags out and prolongs armed conflicts, except where it stands aside to allow genocide. They didn't go into Barundi, but they're STILL in Kosovo.
  4. UN peacekeepers apparently make better rapists than actual soldiers (see Congo, etc.)
  5. Kofi Annan leads the UN and he's a bozo.
  6. The UN is the number one criticizer and constraint on the US but is at the same time totally dependent on the US - kind of like an ungrateful teenager with his parents.
  7. The UN has been the enabler for the Palestinian people's misery.
  8. The UN has done nothing to combat Islamic terrorism, or any terrorism for that matter.
  9. The UN counts dictators and mass-murderers as legitimate heads of state.

If the UN was a pantsleg, I'd have my teeth into it and be shreddin' that sucker. Barks off.


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