Monday, January 31, 2005

Killings in Darfur "not genocide" according to UN

You know. What good really is the UN? I guess they feel guilty about doing essentially nothing to stop the mass-murder in Sudan and so they just refuse to use the word genocide. Because if they did, they'd be guilty of doing nothing to stop genocide. Or maybe they feel guilty about UN peacekeepers and workers raping African girls. Who knows? Now, let's be clear -the report found widespread, systematic killings aimed specifically at civilian populations, but hey, according to the UN at least it is not "genocide". Oh no. According to the UN these are only "crimes against humanity". The UN did get a little tough and made sure to say that these crimes should "still be prosecuted". Hey, maybe the prosecutors could also use a little harsh language on these guys. That'll show 'em. The UN vultures are worthless, just worthless. Why is the US paying dues to these thugs?


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