Sunday, January 30, 2005

Voting in Iraq

Folks, if the news about the tremendous turnout for the vote in Iraq today doesn't inspire you, you're either near-dead or a left-wing jerk. Go to Iraq the Model or some other sites and listen as the people describe in their own words the jubilant mood on the streets as the Iraqis bravely go with pride to the voting booths in droves. I have to admit even the Big Dog got a little choked up and teary-eyed looking at pictures of peoples' fingers dyed with ink (they dip their fingers in ink to prevent double voting). Since this ink is proof they voted, Iraqis are proudly posting these pictures of their fingers as the "mark of freedom". With their bravery they are telling the terrorists, who have killed at least 25 and wounded at least 70 today, to take a hike! People, sometimes we think we have it rough in the USA, but we don't. Think about what these people go through just to vote and you won't ever throw a pity party again. Go Iraq Go!


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