Sunday, February 27, 2005


Man, I've been reading about all the people who hate the U.S. and their idiotic reasons for doing so. Some morons even wish the US "never existed". So, I thought I'd post some more things about America.
  1. Invented and implemented the first workable, modern representative form of government.
  2. Figured out and eradicated malaria.
  3. Built the Panama Canal.
  4. Invented Penicillin.
  5. Invented airplanes.
  6. Invented computers.
  7. Invented radios.
  8. Invented TV.
  9. Invented Telegraph.
  10. Invented the automobile.
  11. Invented mass production.
  12. Built the Internet.
  13. Helped end (with British) widepread practice of slavery.
  14. Vote for women.
  15. Voluntary military service.
  16. Invented modern X ray machines and MRIs.
  17. Ibuprofren, Viagra, Lipitor.
  18. Open heart surgery.
  19. Organ and blood donation.
  20. Organ replacement surgery.
  21. Helped win WWI and WWII.
  22. Marshall Plan.
  23. Won the Cold War.
  24. Modern fertilizers, pesticides and farming techniques.
  25. Genetically-modified seed and foodstuffs.
  26. Coca-Cola.
  27. Football, baseball & basketball.
  28. Peanut butter.
  29. Air conditioning.
  30. Nuclear power.
Well, that's just what I got off the top of my head in about ten minutes. I personally don't want to imagine a world in which the US never existed. Add your own.


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