Thursday, February 03, 2005

Okay, Okay - the State of the Union

Little Dog has reminded me that I have yet to post on President Bush's State of the Union speech. Geez, it was just yesterday. Anyway, they call me the Big Dog (Caninus Maximus), but I think after this speech we all know who is the Biggest Dog of All - President George Bush that's who. He's like a Great Dane/Rottweiler mix or something that got put through one of those bad "scientific" accidents in "Honey, I (insert phrase) the Kids" movies, but he didn't shrink - he grew to gigantic size! W put the growl out to numerous losers, as well as encouraging the faithful and those in the middle through his vision and confidence.

And then, the embarassing Democrat response. You ever seen one of those commercials or old cartoons where a little yippie dog has a smooth, human voice-over and its supposed to be funny? That was Harry Reid but it wasn't funny, except in a pathetic sort of way. I think even Little Dog could kick his butt.

Then there's Nancy Pelosi. Wow. From a distance you think, hey, she's kind of nice looking. Then you get up close (like in TV interviews) and you realize its like those French Poodles who are shaved in places and it is just too much skin that you really don't want to see. It is a freak of nature kind of experience, it just ain't right. A human's face should move more, especially below the eyebrows.

Regardless, I doubt either of these two Democrats strikes any, and I mean any, fear into the hearts of the terrorists. But I bet the terrorists have nightmares about Bush.


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